Punta Chivato's History Spans Millions of Years and Many Cultures
The Costa Cardonal community (and this sale package) lies
within the quiet residential and resort area called Punta Chivato,
situated on the Sea of Cortez in central Baja, two hours north of
Loreto.  Punta Chivato is secluded, but not remote.  
  • A 6-mile, privately-maintained road connects Punta
    Chivato's beauty and tranquility to Baja's Transpeninsular
  • Punta Chivato's well-maintained and secure airstrip is
    capable of landing planes up to mid-size jets.
  • Punta Chivato's harbor, boat and fishing facilities welcome
    sailors and sport fishermen.
The landscape of Punta Chivato is a fascinating mix of ancient volcanic rock and fossil-rich
sediments from prehistoric oceans.  In places, an ancient coral reef from the Pliocene era
descends into the gentle waves of the bay, and living creatures make homes among their
fossilized ancestors.
In the "necklace" of communities along Punta Chivato's beautiful bay,
Costa Cardonal has been considered by many to be a centerpiece JEWEL.  
Now, you can make Costa Cardonal yours, to enjoy its peaceful
present, and be a part of Punta Chivato's undeniable future.
A Place of Tranquil Beauty & Relaxation
Early marine biologists and the intrepid writer, John Steinbeck, explored the Baja peninsula
and Sea of Cortez, documenting their journeys and collecting unique specimens.  Punta
Chivato in the mid-20th century was a sports fisherman's paradise, hosting celebrities such
John Wayne at the legendary Hotel Punta Chivato.  
The first human inhabitants came to the shoreline of
Punta Chivato thousands of years ago to fish the rich
bay.  The cliff caves above the beach contain
evidence of their camps, and in the mountains, rock
walls are decorated with sacred drawings.   
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Baja's central Sea of Cortez coast is now a sparcely populated area of Mexican fishing,
farming, ranching and mining communities as well as expat residents from all over the world,
attracted by the fascinating landscape and rich sea.
Punta Chivato - Legendary & Beautiful
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Now $398,000 USD
Scattered along its quiet bay and miles of beautiful shell-sand beach, you'll find a number of residences, a restaurant and several hotels.