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A Sanctuary for People and Nature
Since its inception, Costa Cardonal has always been a place in which
people could construct homes and live comfortably AND where nature
also thrives.  Desert plants and animals are encouraged to occupy their
habitats and live comfortably as well.

The result is a landscape in which colorful birds nest in the arroyos, rabbits
venture out in the evenings, dolphins play offshore, and turtles nest among
the dunes,  Costa Cardonal's
human residents can relax on their patios as
the sun sets, looking out on this beautiful, living landscape and value the
peace and contentment that permeates the community.   
Some of Costa Cardonal's Homes
Costa Cardonal's lot owners have always taken great pride in their community and are known
throughout Punta Chivato and nearby communities as people of good will and cooperative spirit.  The
homes that have been constructed to date are all beautiful and reflect each owner's pride of place.  
Here are a few photos.

Recently, the lot owners formalized their interests by creating a community Association, so that they
could securely hold their shared property (roads, water lines, open space areas) and handle their
own community affairs and responsibilities with confidence.
As an Owner in your own right, you become a part of this vibrant
community.  Then, as you sell lots, you pass on to others the benefits and
pleasure of living in such a beautiful development,
among such good-hearted neighbors.
A private home in Costa Cardonal
A Community in Intent and Practice
The Costa Cardonal Community
Price Reduced!
Now $398,000 USD
Several existing quality homes!