Why an Oceanview Lot?
Our Oceanview Lots are the treasures of
Costa Cardonal.

You'll find them easily on our
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A view from the back of Costa Cardonal
Quiet and Serenity:  Our beach is generally unpopulated and undisturbed - and we're working to keep it that way.  However, all beaches in Mexico are
public, and only certain kinds of activities can be restricted in front of
Costa Cardonal.  Because our Oceanview lots are set back from the beach,
residents are more insulated from beach activities.

Natural Elevation:  Costa Cardonal rises gradually from the beachfront to the back of the property, giving Oceanview lots a natural height advantage.  
All homes on
Oceanview lots will have clear views of the sea. And because of their elevation, events on the ocean - like whales and dolphins - are more
easily noticed.

Undisturbed Terrain & Native Vegetation: Very little change has occurred to the natural landscape in the Oceanview areas of Costa Cardonal.  
Plant species, many of them decades old, are thriving.  With careful siting of your construction, you'll enjoy instant, low-maintenance landscaping!

Less Heat, More Breeze:  White-sand beaches, like ours in front of Costa Cardonal, radiate a surprising amount of heat, and breezes off the sea can
bring that heat into beachfront homes. Our
Oceanview lots benefit from the breezes, which are intensified by the increasing elevation but are cooler
because they have lost their heat load.  

Fewer Building Restrictions: We have intentionally required the beachfront homes be no more than 15 feet in height,.so that Oceanview homes will
continue to have gorgeous views of the sea.  We have applied no such restriction to
Oceanview homes, and we're looking forward to the beautiful
architecture that our
Oceanview residents will enjoy as a result!

Beach Access:  Costa Cardonal is laced with abundant natural open space!  Every Oceanview lot is connected to the beach and sea by natural
pathways through the arroyo system.  A short walk through a beautiful landscape leads you to the water's edge.
Costa Cardonal
..a desert sanctuary beside a tropical sea.
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In addition to all the sterling reasons given below, an Oceanview Lot is
of a beachfront lot.  
Quiet natural surroundings, great views, easy beach access, more breeze, fewer building restrictions, and
THREE TIMES THE SIZE of a typical beachfront lot in the Punta Chivato area, at HALF THE PRICE!