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country is not easy.

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Sunrise over Bahia Santa Ines in December.
Is Costa Cardonal Safe?  This question is on everyone's mind these days, and we will not minimize your concerns.   Mexico's drug trade and its ready
market on the US side of the border have caused instability and tragedy in many parts of Mexico and the US.  We would like to offer these considerations:  

1) Costa Cardonal is located in a region of Baja California that is far from the centers of drug and gang violence.  The many residents of the Punta Chivato
area travel to and from their homes by road and by air on a frequent basis, with reasonable caution but without undue concern.  The roads, waterways and
airports - including our own airstrip in Punta Chivato - are regularly patrolled by Mexico's armed forces.  For many of us, Costa Cardonal feels safer than
many places we've known in the US.  

2)  Each of our clients, as well as our current owners and ourselves, have personal concerns and individual levels of tolerance of perceived risks.  Each of
us has balanced the many positive factors of Costa Cardonal (beauty, tranquility, community) against our own preferences, needs and interests.  We leave
the decision to you, and only advise that others have done what you are considering, and have been happier for it.

What's it like to buy property in Mexico?  Isn't it risky?  Mexico has changed its laws in recent years and non-Mexicans can now hold secure title to
property along its coasts through a "fideicomiso", or bank trust.  Title insurance is also available to protect your investment.  A realty in the nearby town of
Mulege, as well as other reputable Mexican professionals, can provide the services to close your sale.  A real estate transaction in Mexico does not have
to be risky.  We have taken every step to guarantee that your investment will be secure.  

What about building a home in Baja?  Will we be able to create a comfortable home at a reasonable cost?  We have given a lot of thought to the
building process, the materials, the standards, the quality of services, and the importance of protecting the environment.  We can connect you with
experienced and skilled contractors and craftspeople, and we can advise you about sustainable materials and self-sufficient  technologies that will make
your home a joy to live in.  Your home will cost you about half the price of a custom-built home in the U.S, and remarkably good homeowner's insurance is
available to protect your investment!  

What's it like to live in Baja?  What's the climate?  Who will be my neighbors?  How are the services?  Our little piece of Baja on Bahia Santa Ines
is the perfect balance of accessibility and solitude.  The climate resembles the desert southwest U.S., with the marvelous addition of a moderating marine
influence.  Summers are often hot and winters can at times be chilly, but most months of the year are very enjoyable. The six miles of beach are home to an
international community, including Mexicans, Americans, Canadians and Europeans.  There is a welcoming atmosphere, and many events and activities
for the socially-inclined.  Nearby towns offer well-provisioned groceries, shops of all sorts, laundries, medical facilities, as well as restaurants, hotels, tour
operators and special activities.  

What do people do for fun, exercise and inspiration?  Won't we be bored? Folks along the beach report that they're never bored!  The most active
among them are out fishing, diving, snorkeling, beach-combing, hiking in the mountains and desert, star-gazing - even golfing!  For the "people-people",
there's an active social life along the beach, with dinners, art fairs, wine-tastings, barbecues, card nights, moon-rise bonfires - many of which raise
money for local causes.  And everyone enjoys a morning, afternoon, or evening in a comfortable chair on the veranda with a good book, a refreshing drink
and a pair of binoculars.  
Costa Cardonal
..a desert sanctuary beside a tropical sea.
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