Roadside Burros
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A familiar sight along the roadsides of Baja - and hopefully not IN the road in front of you! -
are all sorts of hardy livestock.  You'll see (and be on the look-out for) cattle, horses, goats,
and pigs, but the most charming (at least in my view) are the burros.  Resourceful, intelligent,
and very useful to the subsstance farmers and ranchers of Baja, the burro has made a place for
itself in the landscape.  Livestock, in particular goats, can devastate fragile plant communities
and so we at Costa Cardonal support efforts to manage cattle and goats in order to protect
Baja's unique environment.  Still, we'd rather see a burro than a 4-wheeler on a Baja hillside!

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Costa Cardonal
..a desert sanctuary beside a tropical sea.
Photo credit:  G. Sankovich
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