More about Costa Cardonal
Costa Cardonal occupies almost 15 acres of carefully developed land with about 624 feet (195 meters) of frontage on a beautiful white sand beach.  Great
care has been taken to protect the natural terrain and its plant and animal communities.  Many natural features have been set aside as open space, and
buffer areas provide screening from neighboring properties.  In fact, less than half of the property has been turned into private lots, and many have been
sold; the rest is reserved for community use and protection.
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Costa Cardonal
..a desert sanctuary beside a tropical sea.
A sea view of a portion of Costa Cardonal's beach frontage.
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There are only 14 home site lots situated on the 15 acres, a far lower density than you will find in any other development we know of along the six miles of
beach.  The home sites are arranged on three "mesas", naturally  separated by a "Y"-shaped arroyo system.  The mesas are gradually higher in elevation
as you step back from the beach, giving each home site marvelous views regardless of its distance from the beach.  The arroyo system, besides providing
natural drainage in the occasional rainstorms, provides a gentle, interesting pathway to stroll from any homesite directly to the beach.  Roads provide vehicle
access to the home sites on
each mesa, and distribution lines bring household water from a deep well to each lot.
The land that is transferred to the Association includes roads and water lines within the community, buffer zones, various protected nature areas and pathways,
and a large central lot on which the residents can create whatever they wish in the way of gathering, recreation or shared use areas.

All of these benefits come with your home site!!  No other development in the area offers as much value.
Residents of Costa Cardonal also enjoy a growing number of other amenities and services.  There is a secure, fenced and locked utility/storage area.  A
caretaker.  While much of the open space has been left in its natural state, specific areas are landscaped to provide shade, screening and attractiveness.  

A pair of beach palapas and several arroyo shade ramadas are available to all residents and guests.
The Costa Cardonal lot owners and the developer recently took steps to form a community association and to transfer to the new association various parts of
the Costa Cardonal landscape which are of particular use, value and concern for the owners.  Everyone benefits, since the community is now able to act legally
and independently, within the constraints of its Association, to carry out the objectives of the community as a whole.