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Costa Cardonal
is closer than you'd think!
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How to get to Costa Cardonal...

...by land: You can safely drive your passenger car or RV from the U.S. border to Costa Cardonal in about 12-14 hours.  You'll see Baja's fascinating
landforms, unique plants and quaint villages this way.  We'll help you make the trip a memorable experience with tips, suggestions and assistance.  
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Or you can hop a very comfortable and safe express bus (Aguila line) in Tijuana and, for around $125 one way be whisked overnight to Santa Rosalia where
we'll pick you up.

...by air:  Alaska Airlines is now flying between LAX and Loreto, the closest commercial airport about 2 hours south of us.  Other airlines fly from San Diego
or TIjuana to Loreto.  Online reservation sites, such as Travelocity, will give you an idea of schedules and costs. Car rentals are available in Loreto.

Private pilots can fly directly to Punta Chivato, which has a well maintained gravel airstrip.  See the
Baja Bush Pilots website for more details.

...by sea:  Mexico's ferry service, SEMATUR, operates ferries from Guaymas in mainland Mexico to Santa Rosalia, twice weekly.   If you're planning a
grand tour of Mexico, this would be an interesting addition.  And your car or RV travels with you.

Or, if you're a serious sailor, you can sail or cruise into the Sea of Cortez and anchor in the north-protected cove at Punta Chivato.  
Costa Cardonal
..a desert sanctuary beside a tropical sea.
Where We Are & How to Get There
Located on the east coast of the Baja Peninsula, Costa Cardonal is about 550 miles south of San Diego.

The nearest towns are Mulege (to the south) and Santa Rosalia (to the north).

A fascinating car or bus trip, a quick hop by commercial
or private plane, or even a sail, cruise or ferry trip, will get you there.

The journey will be fun in itself!